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Mid-Life Poetry

An invitation to climb the trails at life's halfway point
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Welcome, dear fellow season traveler!

It matters not what kind of season you find yourself in, one thing is for certain:

Going through the season is easier when you're not walking it alone.

Welcome to Mid-Life Poetry, where you can sit back, drop those shoulders and just... breathe. There is no judgement here. All are welcome, no matter your age or what season you may find yourself in.

My book is called Mid-Life Poetry because that is where I found myself: Going through Midlife, Menopause and being the mom of a teenager...

I did do the "turn away from everybody and hide"-thing because it seemed that I was very much alone and NOBODY was experiencing anything even remotely close.

Oh, contraire! I was not alone - many felt the same way!

Again, Welcome to Mid-Life Poetry! You will receive support and encouragement across these pages.

"You are never alone", and you will find me sitting with you as you go through this book, page by page, poem by poem.

This book is the first in a Trilogy: It is the messiness we encounter when a season begins. It reminds me of a house filled with clutter... the whole "Gosh, what does one do with this now???" - thoughts, when our minds are all over the place and it is hard to focus.

Have courage! As all the other seasons before, you will get through this one too, even if you can't quite see it yet.

After the beginning, you will figure out what needs doing, you will be able to focus and find your way, your road (hint, hint... Book# 2), just to finally enjoy the gifts and blessings at the end of your season (yet another hint... Book#3).

So, pull up a chair, get comfy and let's "chat" for a while!

You've got this!


                                                                              All my best,



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