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How much more...?!?

I've got to be honest, my fellow mid-life travelers... there are times when I just look up into the sky and ask:

"How much more?

How much more pain?

How much more confusion?

How much more can be put on me til I break?"

These kind of thoughts are hard for me. I am a "the glass is half full" kind of person, mostly looking for the positive. So when these thoughts hit me it's serious.

But... Have you been in one of these moments recently? Or maybe for the last 5 years?

It is simply exhausting and we just can't see our way out, right?!? The walls of life are closing in.

Strangely, as I find myself in one of these times, I realize something and I do hope this will make sense to you:

There is always somebody behind you who has to walk their path yet to get to where you are, and there is always someone in front of you who is further along the way than you.

When you think about the person you want to be, the person in your mind you aspire to grow into, think about what that other person, ahead of you, had to conquer and go through as they made their way. Just like you will, and the person that is a bit behind you. This is the way of life. There will be hurdles, pain, heartache along side of joy, victory and celebration, and they will be so worth it.

What is it worth to you to become the person you are made to be?

So cry, do yoga, journal, pray; I do it too. You will make it through mid-life. Maybe with a few more battle wounds than others; yet these are wounds to be proud of for in them you have found courage and resilience. You'll have learned that it is ok to be weak at times and to rely on someone else's strength. You will have found harmony and peace in new areas and learned a thing or two from different situations.

There are some defining moments in my life where I thought that my world was coming to an end and there is always the same kind of desperation in the air. As I look back, those were also the times when life pulled me up and up, ever closer to who I am meant to be.

Your sun will shine again... Actually, your sun is still shining now!

It's like a day in Florida... It's sunny, then rains for an hour, and then sunny again for the rest of the day. :)


Love and abundance are waiting for you -

how to receive them, there might be a clue

What I know... when it gets harder and harder,

almost like a new low, go..go...just a little farther

Another strong push, because there will be,

behind that next bush: I, yet better, waiting for me

So, in the end, try as I may,

I cannot pretend. Let me just say:

Love and abundance are waiting for you -

keep going, keep moving,

for deep deep down you know what to do!

- © Mid-Life Poetry, Book Two by Kerstin Schaefer

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