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Look away!

Yes, look away! Don't look in... don't look at you!

There is a line, and yup, you better believe it, it's a very fine line, which we might not even realize we are crossing... Let me explain.

I lost my wallet, my car needs repair, I'm stressed out because I'm moving... yet again..., My teeth are killing me, I'm not getting done what's on my calendar...Christmas is literally around the corner... jadda jadda jadda....

Sound familiar? Going through a similar season?

So where is this line? It separates the Whoa-I'm-drowning-here-ME from the This-is-a-whole-lot-but-I-can-do-it-ME. What's the difference?


This ugly little wonderful word that keeps popping up and holds us accountable at every turn.

Will we give in to self pity, to the immense pressure that keeps us pinned to the floor? Trust me. I'm there. Right now.

Or will we say "Enough is enough" and tackle our situation little by little?

When I look back at my life and all the crazy situations, I can honestly report that every time I started to look away from me, from my challenges and started to look at other people around me to see how I can enrich their lives, these challenges began to shrink. It's like a little piece of magic. They don't go away, not until I've addressed them, but my elephants are suddenly turning into little mice, or zebras at the least.

So, there are many reasons to look inward, to examine oneself. To grow, to apply gratefulness, and practice grace. However, when your challenges are mounting and mounting - STOP.

Start to look outward, look around you and give of yourself to others. You will find that growth, gratefulness and grace will abound within you and others as you move through your seasons.

This is one of my absolute favorite poems in the Mid-Life Poetry Book. I hope it gives you Joy, Peace and Hope!

Love, Kerstin

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