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Seasons change like September Grass

As much as I love and enjoy the south of the US, I do like my seasons. I could melt right along with the frost in the morning when the sun starts to turn it into little droplets of water which run off and hide.

It reminds me so much of how the seasons change, and how we change as we travel through our own seasons. Seasons that last weeks, months, or even years. How glorious that we are given this opportunity, this challenge, this... privilege to meander, learn, grow, fail through our seasons only to be able to look back down the road and smile at the chance of being able to be a better version of ourselves after all is said and done.

These are some of the lyrics of the song "September Grass" by James Taylor:

"Oh, September grass is the sweetest kind, it goes down easy like apple wine.

Hope you don't mind if I pour you some, made that much sweeter by the winter to come."

This is what I'm reminded of when I read those lines:

Enjoy the season you are in - right now - at this very moment.

Is it hard? Does it make you feel alive? Does it make you cry out or mad?

YES, YES, and YES!

See for what it is... the precursor to what is to come, just like the apple wine...

Enjoy the taste, the smell and appreciate this time you are allowed to travel through.

Other seasons will come and go, but at this very moment I hope you can be proud of yourself for finding solutions and "enjoying" this one.

Cry, laugh, focus, loose a step or two...there are no rules except for one: Keep going!

I am proud of you! Go and find yourself some September grass!



To be alive

To fell the gift

To breathe the air

Is such a joy

And privilege

It calms the soul

Yet stirs it too

And makes aware

That time is short

To be held on to

To be alive, to be alive



- Mid-Life Poetry, page 63

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