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What's in your toolbox?!?

"Look into your toolbox!", one of my sweet friends said. And my eyes were opened.


Now mind you, I'm not talking about nails and hammers and the like...

If you're like me, you sometimes forget the kind of tools you have in your box.

Tools like experience, knowledge, memories, education and life long learning...

I strongly believe that I have everything I need for every moment I'm encountering already inside of me. And so do you!

There are tools I might not remember always, but they are there. Tools can be anything or anyone. It can be a pet or a good friend to connect with - who can stop you from going somewhere in your mind you don't want to go. It can be something you've learned from a person ions ago. It might be your own life experience, belief or habit.

Isn't this amazing? A whole tool box full of wonderful, wonderful "stuff"!

There is a catch... like, isn't there always?!?

The catch is that you need to open your tool box and take out those tools.

Yup. No short cut there. It is up to you to initiate action - your choice, so to speak.

I'd like to encourage you to take a moment, now or later, and reflect on what sort of tools you might have in that tool box of yours. Really pause and think.

Most likely, there are things you have totally forgotten about. For me, when I remember a tool I previously had not thought of, brings a big smile on my face and I am reminded, yet again, that I AM NOT ALONE.

And neither are you, my fellow life traveler. You are surrounded by Joy, Abundance, Opportunity and Love. So when another season hits you ... and it will... be encouraged knowing you can fall back on these tools and have them aide and guide you!

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